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Ashley Castle is a POWERHOUSE traveler who I met a few years ago at the Womens Travel Festival. A multi media travel journalist: in short, she does a bit of everything! She produces videos for brands, digital content and social media. She’s also an Ambassador for AFAR Media. But this digital guru also works in beauty.. She own’s an E-commerce business in the beauty / health and wellness industry, so taking care of herself while she’s traveling is a very important aspect of what I do! We caught up with the jet-setter who is newly engaged to a pilot ( I mean dreams do come true) and is now showing others how to travel the world doing what they love every step of the way.

Ashley Castle: Like most travelers, picking a favorite place in the world is nearly impossible. How do you even begin to compare experiences in Italy and India? Some places I love for their food and culture, while other places I love for the impact it has on my soul. I did a solo backpacking trip up the east coast of Australia a few years back, and that was one of my most impactful trips for me because it was the first extended solo trip I had ever done by myself. I was gone for about 2 months and I highly recommend that everyone have an experience like this, even if they can’t go for that long. You learn so many new things about yourself when you’re far away from home and the person you most have to depend on, is you.

ATWBeautyWhat’s your beauty routine like when you travel?

Ashely Castle: I never leave home without my Arbonne anti aging skin care routine! It doesn’t matter where I am– I always do my skin care routine, morning and night. I’ve been on the side of a mountain, hiking the 40 mile Salkantay trek in Peru, and still put on my eye creme inside my tent before I went to bed. I know, that’s commitment! 😉 I would by no means consider myself a “travel diva”- I am easy going in attitude, but I do think it matters to take good care of yourself no matter where you are in the world! I am also huge on applying sunscreen and utilizing some self tanner to give me a bit of a base before I go somewhere tropical. I want to look my best and also age well! Finally, I always take my own products because I know what is in them. While they are convenient and free, many hotel shampoos, lotions, etc are loaded with chemicals that I am not comfortable with putting on my skin and into my body, so I bring my own products. Because I always carry on, travel containers are my best friend!

ATWBeauty: Three beauty products you can’t travel without?

Ashely Castle: Mineral-based sunscreen, full skin care routine, lip balm with SPF.

ATWBeauty: Favorite passed-down beauty ritual?

Ashley Castle: My mom always took good care of her skin and showed me that it’s important to take care of the body and the skin that you’ve been given. She’s never obsessed over it and certainly hasn’t been too worried about getting a few wrinkles over the years with age, which I appreciate. She’s shown me the beauty of aging gracefully and being a good steward of the body and the beauty you’ve been given.

ATWBeauty: Tell us about your coolest beauty experience while traveling abroad?

Ashley Castle: I had the most exquisite spa day at The Gainsborough Bath Spa in Bath, England. It’s the only hotel in Bath that has the natural thermal waters in it. It was hands down the best massage and spa day I’ve ever had. After a spa treatment, you get to just bask in the thermal waters and the sauna and steam room for as long as you’d like. It was pure bliss. ( SEE BELOW)


Make sure to follow her and her boo: @TheAdventurePair and to learn more about her e-commerce beauty site visit here

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