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Around The World Beauty is inspired not only by cultures and beauty products but also by brands living in authencity with a mission aligned with ours to Keep Beauty Heritage Alive.

This weeks Behind The Brand is Rituals Home & Body Cosmetics. Of course when I first learned about it I almost cried because I said there goes my idea but this brand is doing right.

Where do I start ? This brand takes ancient eastern rituals and focuses on using the best ingredients to deliver a product that is top in its class and packaged beautifully. From the colors to the magical words that introduce you to each products story you are instantly infused with relaxation and happiness. Their tag line is Your Body, Your Soul, Your Rituals. They recently opened in the US and have two stores in NYC. Its sold in Barneys and focuses on luxury bath, home and body products. The founder who worked with mega brands like Elizabeth Arden and Chanel decided to quit his job after traveling the world and being introduced to rituals like Ayurveda, Hammans and Tao Beauty.

My current favorite products is Happy Mist: Bright orange packaging with the words happy mist this spray made my whole bedroom smell like a luxurious goddess temple. Its made of organic mandarin with Yuzo which energizes and protects the body. Yuzu has been used for centuries in steaming baths to ware off sickness like flu and colds. Its a part of Eastern Asia winter bathing rituals. Mandarins are full of Vitamin C and E which reduce wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. Not only that but the smell supports uplifting effects and energy. This product is part of the Laughing Buddha Collection inspired by the ancient chinesse laughing buddah. Legend has it that wherever this monk went he spread happiness and  is believed to provide prosperity, joy and fortune for years. This collection also has body creams, scrubs, and oils. Their tagline is “Smile to the world and the World Smiles back” I love that

Beauty around the world is undeniable and Im glad Rituals is holding its word to creating products that inspire us to live, travel and look within for beauty.   For more information on Rituals please visit

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