Spa Spotlight: Playa Koralia

Wanting to discover all the beauty that Colombia has to offer we jumped on the Marsol transport service ($75,000 COP) that picks you up at the doorsteps of your hotel in Cartagena and drops you off on the Caribbean Coast of Playa Koralias front door. Located near Santa Marta, Five hours away from the beautiful city of Cartagena we suggest the earliest bus out at 6 am to get there with a full day ahead. You won’t want to miss any time or meal at this bohemian gem.

Perfect for all Gypsies worldwide this playa getaway works for any occasion whether girls-vacay, honeymoon, but for us it was the beginning of our beauty adventure.  With 17 bungalows, and three healthy, and delicious meals a day here you have no worries, just to relax, and be taken care off.  You can enjoy swimming, yoga classes, and even fire ceremonies that happen a few times a month. 

Known for their ocean-side spa services we booked their most popular experience called the Bliss Therapy Escape ( $174,000COP ) that combines a mud treatment, sea salt therapy and a relaxing massage using all local ingredients. 

The treatment lasts for 2.5 hours focusing on preparing the body for the full body massage to follow.  Our treatment began with white clay from the Sierra Nevada mixed with honey and water. Applied from head to toe, it’s done in the open air – you can request for the treatment to be done on the beach or next to the spa which has beautiful views of nature as well. Get ready to get naked, as my therapist suggested I go topless to get the full effect of being free and one with nature.  The white clay was different from what we’ve seen in the past. Usually dark in color, this was a light gray and much softer. My therapist, Nalienese said it’s been used by the ancestors of the Sierra Nevada for years as a healer of dark spots, sunburns, detoxify the body and improve the body’s blood circulation. After 10 minutes the sun dries the clay and then washes away using the outside showers nearby. In Spanish the therapy is called Lodo Therapy translated to mud therapy. 

Using local sea salt straight from the coast of Colombia your then exfoliated – they start at the chest and work their way down polishing the top layers of the skin, eliminating toxins and impurities. Sea salt is rich in minerals and removes old skin cells while leaving the skin fresh, and glowing after. 

Sal Marina as they called it also recharges weak energies. They use essential oils to apply it onto the skin which also works to relax the body.  

I felt like a million bucks, but that wasn’t the end. I was then escorted to the private area of the spa where our massage was to follow.  This tranquil spa hides within the jungles of the Colombian coastline of water and beauty. After 2.5 hours of bliss, I felt completely relaxed and ready to explore more of this beauty destination that offers a laid-back way to live.  No TVS, and barely any wifi there’s only miles of untouched coast and exquisite food for downtime. 

Our favorite part was that all the ingredients used were from the top of Sierra Nevada where many indigenous still reside and share their beauty secrets from the medicinal mountains. You can set up an excursion to explore more of these outside lands where untouched fountains of water and natural practices still exist. Exclusive for Playa Koralia. You can see more of one of our excursions here to the Sacred Water Pools.

Our overall experience was one to remember, from the food to the energy this is a place to detach, and be. To find out more visit All rates are per person and include three meals that are healthy and made with the local produce. Make sure to reserve early as their standard suites start at $88.00 USD

Hey, #BeautyTravelers: Have you been to Playa Koralia? Let fellow travelers know what you thought of your experience at the spa in the comments below!

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  • Kari Na
    Posted at 18:25h, 28 March

    I love how accessible this is… anyone from upper class to backpackers can enjoy this!

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