Hottest Beauty Destinations for 2019

Getting a sweet tax refund? Have a few more vacation days this year? Before you scroll for airline deals, read our list of the Hottest Beauty Destinations for 2019. At Around the World Beauty, we’re all about combining our love of travel with global beauty cultures for an amazing experience. With wellness becoming a major component of the travel industry, there’s no better time to book your next beauty destination!

1. Morocco

We may be a little biased (check out our 2019 Morocco Tour), but we love that Morocco is on everyone’s list of hottest destinations for 2019. Not only is Morocco a vibrant and exciting country, it’s also an unforgettable beauty destination. Morocco has a wealth of natural resources that make for incredible beauty treatments, like argan oil, rhassoud clay, rose water, and prickly pear (read about how to incorporate them into your regular beauty routine here!). The spa culture of the hammam is also a destination-worthy experience. Through different stages of exfoliating, purifying, and moisturizing, the body is cleansed and invigorated. It’s an experience that’s often imitated outside Morocco, but never quite duplicated.

2. South Korea

South Korea isn’t going anywhere in terms of beauty destination appeal. It’s got everything: a skincare and makeup wonderland (the home of double cleansing), an amazing spa culture, and a booming plastic surgery market (seriously, it has the highest global rate of plastic surgery). Basically, beauty is everything in South Korea. While we love K-Beauty and Korean makeup brands. We particularly love Korea’s spa culture and its use of local ingredients — like makgeolli — in traditional beauty treatments. If you’re all about Korean beauty, make sure to reserve your spot on our upcoming NYC Korean beauty experience!

3. Japan

Hot on Korea’s heels, Japan is becoming an increasingly popular destination. Whether it’s travelers on a once-in-a-lifetime tour of East Asia, or simply adding it to an existing trip, Japan is experiencing a travel boom. While brands like Tatcha have introduced the world to the amazing benefits of traditional Japanese skincare, Japan is also a daring destination for the adventurous beauty traveler. From fish pedicures, to face-shrinking massages, to extreme nail art, Japan manages to stay unique while honoring its beauty traditions. There really is something for everyone in Japan. Whether you’re looking for exciting beauty experiences, world-class spas, or traditional cultural beauty treatments.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii is a perennially popular destination. But because it’s such a burgeoning beauty powerhouse…we had to add it to the list. We knew when we met so many amazing Hawaiian brands at Indie Beauty Fest 2018, like Lau Botanicals and O’o Hawaii, that Hawaiian beauty was going to be a major trend. Not only are Hawaiian beauty brands becoming hot (like Kopari Beauty), but Hawaiian beauty treatments are taking center stage: think kona coffee scrubs, lomilomi massages, and botanical treatments. There’s no better time to make Hawaii your next beauty destination!

5. The American Southwest

Not all destinations require a passport! The American Southwest is experiencing something of a resurgence, especially when it comes to spas and beauty destinations. People have been coming to the natural hotsprings of the Southwest for hundreds of years, but now the beauty and travel industries are taking notice. Natural hotsprings and spas are being embraced for their medicinal and beautifying properties, and resorts like Red Mountain Resort are using local ingredients like agave and salt in their spa treatments. So cash in those air miles for a domestic flight!

6. Australia/New Zealand

Craving a bit of the “land down under”? Australia and New Zealand are hotter than ever as a tag-team destination: most travelers planning a trip to Australia or New Zealand invariably add a stop at the other to the list, touring both countries on the same trip. What we love about these two countries is how popular they’re becoming as beauty destinations. From a bevy of indie beauty brands (like Sand and Sky and Ethique!) taking advantage of their natural beauty resources, to a booming spa industry, Australia and New Zealand are amazing beauty destinations.

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Written by: Mallory Huron

Media by: Stephanie Flor


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