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Pantene never stops searching for new sources of nutrients or new hair secrets from around the globe – They treat the world as their guide because they know inspiration can come from anywhere. Our #BeautyTraveler Maki Manning, helped bring Pantene’s first-ever Fragrance-Free Collection to life by sharing some insider tips on J-Beauty hair culture.
Inspired by Japan, Pantene is turning your daily shower into a global experience with their new Pantene Nutrient Blends Pure Clean Collection, created in partnership with Japanese scientists, and inspired by Japan’s daily purification rituals and emphasis on cleanliness and minimalism.
We sat down with Maki Manning to learn more about her beauty culture and how rituals are a big part of her beauty routine.
Here are her 7 tips on how Japanese Women perceive beauty.
      • Japanese women often introduce something new shortly after Osoji (“big cleaning”) as they enter the new year, whether that be bringing a new product into their routine or getting a fresh cut to release bad energy.
      • Japanese women don’t like to layer scents and instead choose one scent to be the hero. They also tend to gravitate towards natural or mild scents as to not disturb those around them or cause Kogai (fragrance pollution) – Respect is a core pillar of Japanese culture.
      • Properly cleansing your skin or hair before styling or applying makeup is believed to create a foundation for a better and longer-lasting look. The recent skincare trend in the US of double cleansing (using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser) originated in Japan.
      • An abundance of products is not important. Instead, Japanese women look at how they can streamline their routine in order to simplify and let the most important parts of themself shine. For hair – shine, softness and a lasting style is a must.
      • Silicone-free, or “non silicone” as frequently used, originated in Japan for the purity of scalp pores to be in harmony with newly growing hair.
      • While beauty product options in the US encourage frequent experimentation, Japanese women tend to be more selective when it comes to beauty and committing to new products, and often stick to traditional beauty rituals that have withstood the test of time.
      • These beliefs date back centuries, originating from the Shinto religion which places an emphasis on purification to ward off impurities and avoid bringing calamities to society, and have now been fully engrained in today’s culture.

I love helping, bringing people, wisdoms, and unique perspectives from different cultures and traditions together in order to create a more harmonious and loving world say’s Maki. It sum up all I ever wanted to do in my life!

There is a Japanese word called “EN” pronounced as “eh-n.” It is sort of similar to the English word “fate” but it means more.

EN is the honorable bond and connection with others that appear in your life and we believe it is brought to you by the Universe. You can’t see it but feel it…. Many Japanese people do respect the power of “EN” and it is one of the things I really cherish! In short, it is an expansive sacred relationship that keeps giving and enriching your whole life! When Maki isn’t talking beauty she is personal life coach hosting workshops on divine M-Joy LivingMake sure to follow her beauty journey and try Pure Clean & Clarify Collection by Pantene that is fragrance free, silicone free with a blend of pro vitamin B5 & antioxidant. Soothing formula replenishes moisture and rinses clean to leave hair radiantly refreshed. 

Pantene Nutrient Blends Pure Clean & Clarify Shampoo and Conditioner Remove build-up and replenish hair’s moisture without the fragrance ✅ Safe on ALL hair types
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Images by: Mia Manning for Pantene.
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