The Secret to the Balinese Massage at Seminyak’s Aswangga Wellnes Spa

Between temple visits and long strolls through local markets in Bali, massages are as luxuriously indulgent as they are utterly mandatory for the sake of your muscles. And in the world of massages, the Balinese Massage is the Holy Grail for soothing aches and pains and recharging weary travelers.

After a magical two-night stay in a poolside room at Vasanti Seminyak Resort, I decided to end my trip to Seminyak on a high note with a traditional massage at the resort’s Aswangga Wellness Spa. Pressed for time before our flight to the Gili Islands, I opted for the spa’s Neck, Back, and Shoulder Massage, an express version of the Balinese Massage—and since I could hear myself snoring, I can assure you the shortened massage is just as effective as the real deal. In fact, my mini massage was so soothing, I had to catch up with my spa therapist for the secret to this relaxing—sleep inducing even—treatment. Niken, the therapist with seemingly magical hands, was happy to divulge.

“The Balinese Massage is a popular massage in Bali,” says Niken. Much to my surprise, however, the massage is no ploy to attract tourists and expats looking for a cultural experience. The Balinese Massage is just as much of a go-to for locals. “Mostly all local people often go to the spa for Balinese Massage to feel refreshed and less tense.”

So, how does it differ from a standard massage that we’re used to stateside? A combination of cultural techniques and ingredients native to Indonesia contribute to its allure. “The Balinese Massage is a holistic, deep tissue treatment that combines acupressure, stretching, and aromatherapy with special Balinese essential spices.”

Oh, and don’t let the small frames of the therapists fool you. These women are trained to master long, deep strokes to stimulate any guest’s circulatory system. “Some guests are hesitant with our therapists because of their small frames but our therapists can offer strong massages. Our guests are typically satisfied with our services at the spa and come again for more massages!”

Aswangga’s simple (not to be mistaken for basic) selection of essential oils includes lavender, rose, and lemongrass oils each serving a different purpose from relaxation to hydration to tension easing. The best part is the Neck, Back, and Shoulder Massage cost under $10 (30 minutes) and the full Balinese Massage will run you just under $20 (90 minutes). A trip to Aswangga is highly recommended. We promise, no treatment will disappoint.

Hey, #BeautyTravelers: Have you been to Aswangga Wellness Spa? Let fellow travelers know what you thought of your experience at the spa in the comments below!

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  • Anita Aguirre Makeup
    Posted at 00:17h, 24 February

    This is my dream trip… I haven’t been in this spa but 2 years ago I went to Constance Ephelia Resort and Spa at Seychelles and was the beeeest experience ever! i did a massage, was average so i def need to try the balinese! lol

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