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W Hotel Glamping Suite to Die for

As most of you would’ve guessed, I love camping. Correction: I love camping if that means I can play my meditation hippie music, have candles lit everywhere, and get to decorate my tent with mandalas and flower petals. So when my bestie invited me to check out the new W Hotel Glamping Suite in my hometown of NYC, I knew I had to visit and put this place to the test.

The hotel partnered with Lauren & Wolf to play up the camping theme on the Terrace. It was decorated with bright colors and all kinds of gorgeous prints and textures.  I’m telling you, it’s pretty much my dream space: a yurt filled with pillows and glowing lanterns. It’s the perfect under-the-stars experience for any boho-glam lover — like me!

The clamping suite is attached to a hotel room with a terrace, where all the clamping takes place and starts at $2000.00 a night for any event. What is a glamping suite perfect for you ask? We’re actually hoping to host our Around The World Beauty Anniversary party here. A girl can dream right? But there are actually other fun ways you can utilize a space like this. Check out a few of my suggestions below:

Here are my top three beauty must do’s when glamping, inspired by the W Hotel space:

  1. Bring on the face masks. There’s nothing like sitting under the stars with your favorite beauty mask on, while being reminded of wild NYC nights. I suggest the Pūr~lisse Blue Lotus + Seaweed Treatment Sheet Mask ($8.00). It leaves skin, soft, nourished and glowy.
  2. Get some foot loving . The great thing about  being outdoors is it leaves room for things to get messy. I mean in a good way of course. Take advantage of that by indulging in foot soaks. Try my newest obsession: Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation Feet Peel ($15.95).  It removes dead skin cells on your feet and leaves them as smooth as a baby –literally!  Make sure to bring a few foot bowls with you and feel free to fill them with flower petals, lavender salts, and other things for a purely relaxing experience.
  3. Let your inner beauty glow. Turn on your favorite songs, invite your friends, and meditate while drinking wine (which is full of antioxidants btw) in one of the most boho fab suites in NYC.

Would you book this suite? If so tell us what would be your favorite thing to do while glamping in Manhattan. 


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