Discover your beauty roots.


1. A call to explore the history of global beauty, which spans from the beginning of time.

2. The demand to uncover the beauty traditions of one’s ethnic heritage.


From Cleopatra’s milk baths to the countless beauty products that have been born of the K-beauty boom, women from all over the world have turned to nature and science to enhance their beauty, since the beginning of time.

Around the World Beauty is a place—a foreign (beauty) exchange, if you will—where makeup artist Stephanie Flor and beauty editor, Lyndsay Green go the the ends of the earth (literally!) to uncover the world’s best-kept beauty secrets. This exchange of product recommendations, ingredient spotlights, and traditional recipes will get you one step closer to the hair, skin, health, nail, and makeup goals you’re after. Whether you’re beauty-obsessed or have a penchant for travel, let us inspire you to make a beauty discovery of your own.


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