If you can’t travel the world with us, experience global beauty through our workshops right here in NYC!
The art and ritual of beauty has always been a taboo across cultures around the globe.

From Cleopatra’s milk baths to India’s 5’000-year-old ayurveda system there are countless regimens that continue to bring ancient wisdom to our search for eternal beauty. Its magical how a lipstick, braid, or pigment can transform a woman into the most beautiful version of herself.

We begin with a guided meditation while sipping Tea and explore the question of “What is Beauty? ”

We awaken our techniques as artists, creators, women and become rooted in the “The Beauty Path” The idea that beauty exists within us, and around us.

Through our one-day workshops, we dive into the deeper meaning of beauty. Each one is part of our Global Beauty Series for 2018. What I discovered was that there are key ingredients that women have used for centuries. Instead of focusing on each individual culture instead we share the staple ingredients found among all of them.

This workshop will begin with opening meditation infused with the rose, followed by an exploration of ancient beauty ingredients inspired by women around the world. Discover the source of your favorite beauty products and how our ancestors have shaped the way we do things today with ingredients, techniques, and philosophy.

Guests will create (3) DIY beauty treatments on the spot, and take them home.

All self-care beauty remedies inspired by women around the women of the East,West, North and South.


ROSES ( March 31st )

(1) Learn how to make rose water toner, fresh rose face mask, and rose body polish while enjoying our signature rose latte.

COCONUT OIL ( August 12th)

(2) Learn how to make coconut oil from scratch, and combine spices and ingredients to create a body scrub, and hair conditioner.

TURMERIC ( December 16th)

(3) Learn how to make a turmeric face mask, Turmeric and Ginger Body Scrub, and a special turmeric smoothie

We will explore and enjoy ancient beauty remedies that have been passed down from generations to celebrate the beauty of women in all different cultures

Join Beauty Traveler and Makeup Artist Stephanie Flor for a beauty-packed day of ancient wisdom.

Global Beauty Series 2018 DATES ALL WORKSHOPS 125.00

Global Beauty Series “ROSES” March 31st 2018 12 -4pm

Global Beauty Series“ COCONUT OIL” August 12th 2018 12-4pm

Global Beauty Series “TURMERIC” December 16th 2018 12-4pm



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