A Makeup Artist’s Guide to New York #BeautyGuides

World Beauty Finds – New York City has been known as the melting post of culture since in the early 1900’s. You can easily find yourself in another world just by going into different neighborhoods like Little Italy, China Town, and Spanish Harlem. Many natives visit these authentic neighborhoods to get a taste of home and find their beauty must haves. Here is a list of Artists’ Moxie Stephanie Flor Beauty Finds from Around The World in her home New York City.

China Town – Below Canal Street, you’ll find beauty secrets in every corner. Asian people are known to take extremely good care of their skin. You wont find the famous gold or pigeon-dropping facials, one of Japans Odd beauty regimens but you’re sure to find great face cream. Green tea masks with vitamins and antioxidants is a popular beauty find in China Town along with puffy eye treatments and whitening creams. Ginseng masks are another popular item and you’ll find them in every small store.

 Union Square Lash Galore– (108 W14th St, New York 10011 (212) 675-2220 Something like a lash hospital, this location is where women lay down lined up with band aids on their eyes and are treated by women with mouth covers and tiny tweezers. At first, it’s incredibly scary, but after you re-open your eyes 1-2 hours later, your addiction has just begun. Eyelash extensions are currently a huge craze in South America and Asia. There is a big difference between the processes that takes 5 minutes vs. the one that takes 2 hours. Be careful where you decide to go as the formula used at Bling Lash is made to last 2-3 weeks and is gentle on the eyes. Each lash is applied to your individual lashes one-by-one; making the result head-turning and waterproof ready. I recommend getting these done when you are going on a vacation where you’ll be swimming and don’t want your mascara run. Using real human hair, you have the choices to go natural or ultra glam with more length and thickness. My favorite is always a sexy-glam look. Make sure you call in advance to make a reservation as they book-up fast and have great reviews on Yelp.

Little India– Gramercy is known for its East-Side vibe and is home to one of the biggest Yogi gems in all of New York. Ever wonder how Indian women create that sultry eye appeal? It’s the magical effect of Kajal and its sold in mini stores starting from 23rd to about 29th street up Lexington, You’ll find henna, bindis and all things Indian Beauty. Kajal (known as eye kohl) is the blackest eyeliner on the market. Be sure to find a natural formula; it’s the safest to try and FDA approved. Also grab a handful of bindis ( a decorative mark worn in the middle of the forehead by Indian women) . They come in all sizes, colors and are perfect for a night when you want to tap into your inner goddess.

Flatiron Wigs– (152 W 32nd St, New York 10011) Rows of natural human hair at a wholesale price makes Wigs and Plus a hairstylist heaven. From my pervious experiences the service is rude but it’s worth it for the deals you’re about to cash in on. If you’re looking for hair tools or products for waxing, nails or makeup, you can find everything at half the price of your local drug store. You must buy in big quantities and pay cash. Don’t worry if they try to kick you out for not havng a tax-ID at first: cash talks.  This is where I stock up on Ardell lashes. They sell them in all sizes and colors. Yes: that’s Ardell!

Harlem Essential Oils– Harlem is becoming the next upcoming neighborhood; filled of high-end restaurants and townhouses on 125th. You can still find African street vendors selling pure essential oil by the ounce or wholesale. Lemongrass will relieve stress and clear headaches while lavender instantly calms the nerves and the complexion of the skin. You can find both of these natural products in the streets of Harlem. African soap can also be found and is made from dried plantain skins, palm leaves, cocoa powder and kernel oil which provides a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron. You can imagine what it does for the skin.

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