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Our latest #BeautyTraveler is Kenecia Lashae. I had the pleasure of traveling with Passport 2 pretty and I can honestly tell you my life has never been the same. Showing you how to live fearlessly and unapologetic for being real is one of the traits that will always remind me of Kenecia. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking on stage together and now travel Morocco and Milan. She’s been traveling the world for one year, and her beauty routine is flawless as you can see in the images I captured of her while traveling into the desert of Merzouga. When asked her location she said Global. #YES

ATWB: How did Passport 2 Pretty begin?

Passport 2 Pretty was created from Kenecia Lashae’s love for beauty and passion for travel. After traveling to over 35 countries and 6 continents she knows a thing or two about traveling. This lifestyle blog was created to highlight “The Pretty Life” and offer it’s viewers insiders look into all things pretty in the areas of travel, food, fashion, and beauty. I know that my readers would love to hear about my adventures, product demonstration, and travel tips. I am able to take my viewers along on the adventure through great photos, awesome videos and live chats to Live the Pretty Life! Follow her year long adventure around the world on @passport2pretty.

ATWB: Tell us about your favorite place in the world.

KL: This is a really hard one. I’d have to say that I’m enamoured with the continent of Africa. The diverse countries, deep history and rich culture makes this continent undeniably one of the worlds treasures.

ATWB: What’s your beauty routine like when you travel?

KL: I literally try to drench every inch of my body in coconut oil. On most days I opt out of makeup completely but will apply a bright lip for effect.

AWTB: What are 3 beauty products you can’t live without?

KL:I can’t live with out my dental hygiene, face mask and you guessed it…coconut oil!

AWTB: What’s your favorite passed-down beauty ritual?

KL: I can without a doubt say self confidence. Without it physical beauty means absolutely nothing.

AWTB: Tell us about your coolest beauty experience while traveling abroad.

KL: I must say that Ubud Bali has some of the world’s best spas. I booked a day spa from 9am to5pm and was treated like royalty. I received a chakra massage, cleansing facial, flower petal soak, foot rub and holographic mani and pedi.

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Written by Stephanie Flor


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