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In a world of endless beauty brands with endless promises of the fountain of youth, it’s hard to filter the good from the great.  We wanted to highlight our favorite global beauty brands that not only have amazing products, but also celebrate the diversity of women all around the world. Plus they help women entrepreneurs like myself to make our biggest dreams come true. See below how these amazing brands supported during our Journey to Beauty event in NYC, and gave all our tribe members swag bags with their signature products. These brands believed in our message and continue to support us on our ventures (and adventures). Show them some love, and remember to dream big and partner with brands that represent what you believe in 100%.
Bloggers get approached by so many brands asking to market to our audience, but in order to stay authentic and truly represent the deeper meaning of beauty, we carefully work with brands that embody our message from their mission to their packaging.
Its no surprise that Tarte, Lotus Wei, and Nyakio are among our featured brands as they care about the planet making their packaging 100% sustainable, PLUS their message of global beauty is 100 REAL. Here are Around The World Beauty’s go-to beauty travel musts! Hope you bring them along your world journeys.

Dove Invisible Dry  Spray

A huge annoyance when getting dressed is finding a white deodorant mark on your bold and perfectly color-coordinated outfits.  A new study by Dove uncovered that 9 in 10 women polled have dealt with white marks on their clothing and wish there was a deodorant that didn’t leave a mark on their clothes.

The problem can be even more inconvenient when a white mark forces women to feel embarrased, overhaul a great outfit, or contort their bodies while putting on their clothes to avoid the stains, ultimately adding major stress to their daily routines. Dove is glad to offer women a real solution-

Introducing its new Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant that goes on invisible, leaving no white marks on 100 colors of clothing.

@ATWBeauty Tip:

In addition to leaving no white marks on 100 colors, Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on instantly dry, offers 48-hour odor and wetness protection, and Dove ¼ moisturizers to care for skin. It’s fragranced with notes of rose and white flowers, so you can walk confidently, embracing your bldest looks, and feel your absolute best all day long.

Anima Mundi Turmeric Powder

Known for its properties in cleansing, purifying, and protecting against evil spirits, turmeric is a blessing as well as a moisturizing facial. Turmeric helps in lightening blemishes and pigmentation.

Anima Mundi has incorporated the wisdom of our Indian ancestors, creating a turmeric powder to be used externally and internally for a natural beauty routine. Their philosophy of Rainforest Beauty impacts wellness at a core level.

@ATWBeauty Tip:

For a radiant glow, apply to the body using distilled water, or mix 1tsp into warm nut milk, juice, or tea. Using turmeric is a way of life in India and other places around the globe. Its color energy connects to Jupiter, the planet of marriage and unity.


Clinique High Impact Kajal


Kajal, or kohl, is a deep black powder that has been used for centuries. Kajal has transcended from a purely medicinal product to also become a cosmetic staple of Middle Eastern Beauty. In the middle-east, Kajal is used as an eyeliner to thickly line the eyes, making them stand out beautifully.  

Clinique uses this global beauty staple to create a flawless pigment-packed eyeliner that can be used to create any look, from a dramatic Egyptian influence to an Indian Goddess.

@ATWBeauty Tip:

To get the most of your eyeliner, work in small strokes along the water line and upwards on the lash line for the most dramatic impact. Eyeliner is a travel must that can be used to create different eye-looks from smokey to cat-eye. It works for any backpacking travel adventure and in any climate. It’s all in the eyes!

Nyakio Manketti Skin Oil

Throughout time, oils have been an important part of caring for the body, and the face is no different. The ancient Egyptians used many different plant oils to care for their complexion. Today in our adventures to Africa, women focus on the skin, and adornment making their skin ritual a way of life.

Nyakio uses natural Manketti nut and Mafura tree oils in their face oils to create an anti-aging complex. Inspired by passed down family beauty secrets, and global inspiration.  She brings shared wisdom to achieve naturally ageless beauty.

@ATWBeauty Tip:

Skin should always be a priority. Beauty begins at the foundation, and starts with conscious skin care that is protected, and nurtured over time. Nyakio is one of our favorite brands because like us, they have traveled all throughout the world in search of beauty, and are constantly making an impact on the communities that source their product.

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick

Inspired by the whimsical colors of the Amazon and infused with naturally derived ingredients from its lush vegetation, these Amazonian Butter Lipsticks add a splash of rich color and creamy shine for a perfect pout. Each skin-flattering shade is enriched with sustainably harvested cupuacu and murumuru butters to deliver intense moisture and help restore and soothe even mature lips.

@ATWBeauty Tip:

Instead of using the lipstick applicator, use a separate lip brush to brush it on and apply the color with more control. Achieve the look you want and  deserve and put your best pout forward.


Lotus Wei Infinite Love Aura  Mist


Infused with the magnetizing qualities of Pink Magnolia, Hong Kong Orchid, Wild Fireweed + Orange Hawkweed, Infinite Love Aura Mist will make you feel like love is all  around. The intoxicating aroma of this love potion is soft + sensuous with rose, red mandarin and honey. Awaken loving-kindness toward yourself and others and enhance your unique charm.

Fall in love with yourself!

Lotus Wei is inspired by the American beauty of flower alchemy. They use the nourishing properties of plants to alter and transform your mood + mind with the power of flower essences.

@ATWBeauty Tip:

This aura mist creates the sacred space of inner beauty that we all need to enhance our outer beauty. Spray around your face and shoulders for a shift in energy and to allow beauty to enter your space. @LOTUSWEI  


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