Mud Rubdown by Locals

On our travel journey, one of our long-time bucket list beauty must was to visit the Volcan Del Totumoa a healing mud-bath volcano where tourist and locals float in black/grey mud said to be filled with beauty benefits.

Found in Northern Colombia, in Lomita Arena and 45 minutes from Cartegena (popular tourist destination) our hotel booked us a day-trip to the Volcan for 60,000 pesos with Ruta Ecologica ($20USD).

The volcano was made of natural clay and is composed of 51 salts/minerals such as sulfur, iodine, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. The locals swear by its magical properties for exfoliation and its medicinal properties that bring daily visitors by the van’s full.

Standing 15 meters above sea level, the mud was formed by gases and has beauty benefits for people with arthritis and poor circulation. You have the option of receiving a mud massage by a local (all men) for 4,000 pesos ($1USD) once you’ve entered the bath that is at the bottom of the volcano and climbed down a wood ladder. -Which is quite an experience itself? We went for it! Just relaxed as we were flipped and massaged using the mud. Its quiet liberating because you have to be calm to float, or you’ll just sink into the mud kind of like quicksand. Its suggested to stay in for at least 15 minutes and to rub the mud into the skin, or even better rub a neighbor.

10-15 tourist are all covered from head to toe in mud (looks like a scene from hell) splashing, and laughing as we all realize what we’re doing..You then exit on a small staircase lifting yourself out of the mud hole. Your experience doesn’t end there you then walk down the volcano holding on to your dear life as a wrong move will send you slipping and sliding down the wood staircase. The clay is drying as you walk to your next point; I suggest waiting at least 5 minutes to rinse off. The drying works it into the skin.

You then approach the mud lagoon, where a crowd of mature women are ready to splash water on you and scrub all the mud off using the rivers supply of water. ( which is also filled with mud) They’re yelling and screaming as every Latina grandmother would be doing, as their pulling your bathing suit off making sure your 100% clean. No time for talking they have a line of 3-4 people waiting to get rinsed and their also working for 4000 pesos ($1US) Time is money people!!

Overall our experience was worth it.. did it help the skin? Yes, I felt my skin a lot softer, but bring a hair tie. It’s a pain getting all that mud out of the hair took me 2-3 days. Have you been? Would you try it? Let us know what you think and if its on your best bucket list? Its a unique experience, trust us #BeautyTravelers you’ll love it!

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