The Bounce Back #CurlFest2023

Wow this weekend was one for the books as I headed uptown to Harlem to board X80 to Randalls Island. I’m excited to share my incredible experience attending Curlfest 2023, an event that celebrates and embraces the beauty of curly and textured hair. This year’s festival was an extraordinary fusion of cultures, styles, and inspiration.

Curlfest has always been a melting pot of curly hair queens, and this year, it truly embodied the essence of all beauty seen. As I danced through the vibrant festival grounds, I couldn’t help but feel the energy of people from all walks of life, each showcasing their unique beauty and curly hair. From African inspired hairstyles to futuristic hair adornments and Latinx hair care techniques, Curlfest was a hub for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and tips, creating a truly global beauty community.

One of the highlights of Curlfest 2023 was the opportunity to learn about starting a business, hair beauty practices from different entepreaneurs and leaders in the hair space. Interactive workshops and panels allowed me an immersive experience deepening my appreciation for the diverse beauty hair rituals that have been passed down through generations, connecting us with our heritage and celebrating our roots,

Curlfest 2023 had amazing vendors from skincare essentials made with natural ingredients to organic hair care products inspired by curly hair traditions like Miss Rizos from Dominican founder Carolina Conteras. I had the opportunity to connect with innovative brands like Mielle, and Sallys Beauty that brought beautiful activations that prioritize inclusivity, and authenticity. These brands not only enriched my beauty regimen but also shed light on the significance of supporting diverse and ethical businesses.

Curlfest also sparked empowering conversations about self-love, acceptance, and being proud of our hair as it is!

Brands, influencers, and attendees alike recognized the power of individulaity and self as art. We danced, and celebrated diversity the whole day honoring our beauty as we are because damn seeing others that love themselves gives you permission to do the same.

So here’s to Curlfest 2023—a celebration of beauty, culture, and unity that will forever hold a special place in my heart. Until next year, let’s continue to embrace our curls, our textures, and the beauty that lies within the community of curly hair queens knowing that their individuality is what makes all of us shine in this ever-changing world one curl at a time.

Pictures from #curlfest2023 by Stephanie Flor

Written by Stephanie Flor


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