Travel Trends: What are Poshtels?

At the New York Times Travel Festival, I heard the word Poshtel for the first time. Yep, Poshtel, a posh hostel. Although that sounds just like a hotel, hotels are way more private and well, hostile, than hostels. In comes the Poshtel. While traveling the world, you now can get the best of both worlds, combining the fun social aspect of hostels with the fluffy bathrobes and good coffee that we crave from a hotel.

The backpacking, BYO-toilet-paper life of a nomadic traveler just isn’t for everyone. (Wish someone told me that before I stuffed my backpack with makeup before heading to Machu Picchu) I had a great time, but after 2 nights in that hostel I was ready to go back to my comfy mattress. If you’re craving a little more comfort from a hostel without wanting to sacrifice the social aspect, Poshtel is the hip new hybrid that you need to check out.

Hip With the Times

The good thing about this new trend is that, well, it’s on trend. Like all those Instagram-worthy new food spots, poshtels are more design-focused (and their restaurants tend to have locally-sourced ingredients.) At a Poshtel, you get everything you’d expect from cool boutique hotel for a bit cheaper. You can chill in an amenity-filled social setting filled with power outlets and artsy, modern decor. Without breaking the bank, you can enjoy wifi, nice beds and bathrooms, and things like a cool bar, a nice view, and maybe even a pool. Not to mention you still get to hang out with other awesome travelers like yourself.

Should you stay in one?

If you’re traveling alone and want to treat yo self, check out this new trend, or just meet some new people in a cool setting, Poshtels are definitely for you. They have the best prices for activities and you meet so many fellow travelers that inspire you as well as give you travel tips! Our founder stayed in this poshtel in Thailand for dirt cheap and had the time of her life.
But if you’re going with a group, I wouldn’t knock Air BnB just yet because splitting the cost is awesome and you get to feel like you’re really living there. But if there’s a Poshtel in your area, definitely check it out and let us know what you think! 

How do I find one?

Unfortunately most poshtels just call themselves hostels. Also, the price range goes from 7 euros to $113 a night, so we can tell that there’s quite the spectrum of “posh”. If you’re dying to try this trend on your next trip, do a little research to find the right Poshtel for you. Links below!

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Generator Hostel

You bet there’s wifi and cold brew


Generator Hostel

Rustic Chic is the new Chic


Written by Halle Butler

Photos Courtesy of Generator Hostels


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  • Kari Na
    Posted at 18:33h, 28 March

    What a perfect combination! Although I do love hostels, I did miss the lux soaps, cozy slippers and other TLC hotels normally provide. Will be looking for a poshtel for my next trip.

  • Anita Aguirre Makeup
    Posted at 23:57h, 23 February

    A friend told me about it 3 years ago! she also said it was THE best experience and much better if you are traveling alone. I just dind’t know they were called POSHtels lol

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