COVID-19 has made traveling difficult, but not impossible. 

When the pandemic began, the travel industry came to a full stop and suffered greatly. Flights were canceled, hotels no longer booked, and everyone stayed home, doing what they had to do in order to stop the spread.

Now with everything slowly reopening, the big question is this: How will traveling survive post-COVID-19? 

Here’s your answer:  Have fun, but stick to protocol. 

Quite frankly, despite national debates, traveling will never stop, virus or not. People will always want to explore the world and partake in cultural traditions that allow for wellness of the mind, body and soul. It’s just that in this new climate, we have to remain safe and continue to practice social distancing. Not every country is open to tourists but Costa Rica opened its doors on August 1st and Mexico and Greece are welcoming conscious travelers. I’ll be honest after taking a trip to Mexico, and seeing the intense protocol these hotels are taking to keep their staff and clients safe I felt more comfortable sharing this post to help you better plan for a trip. 

Here are a few tips on how to book your next vacay while being conscious, and respectful. 

  • Book direct non-stop flights. Opt out of doing layovers to have less contact with people. Alaska Airlines is doing a BOGO offer, and leaving their center seat empty for you safety. 
  • Carry-on only. No need to overpack. You want to keep your bag minimal so you can be in and out of the airport. No need for baggage claim.
  • Wear a mask. Period.
  • Sanitize pre/post boarding. We’ve always been that girl when boarding. I take out the wipes and extra wipe everything down. Including the headboard and the seat handles. 
  • Wear gloves at all times when at the airport. You want to make sure your playing it safe than sorry. 
  • Wear a mask when in doors, checking-in and talking to others. On the flight you aren’t allowed to take off the mask. Only when you’re eating. 
  • Don’t take public transportation. We suggest booking a private transfer directly from the hotel. 
  • Get tested before and after you come back. We made it a priority to quarantine when we came back. Even tough the countries we were visiting weren’t on the list we wanted to take precaution since we did come into interaction with a lot more people at the airport.

Here’s some places to visit that do just that: 

Greece —  Located on the historical, culture-rich Amorgos island that overlooks the most breathtaking views of the Aegean sea and Aegiali beach, Amorgos- Aegialis Hotel and Spa, a family-owned resort, promises you memories you will always treasure in the safest way possible.  Since June 15th 2020, their redefined rigorous protocols and upgraded cleaning standards have been certified with the COVID SHIELD CERTIFICATE by TÜV AUSTRIA, the largest internationally recognized European certification body. 

With services including day excursions to nearby islands like Santoroni, cooking classes, wine tastings and massage packages, Aegialis is performing cleaning procedures with increased frequency and recommended disinfecting cleaning agents (this would include electrostatic sprayers), providing digital check-ins, and disinfecting stations. 

On top of this, their wide variety of double rooms and spacious suites have all been equipped with room seals and disinfectant wipes. A dream trip for relaxation, remote beauty, and ensured safety.  Not to mention its family owned. As travel begins to open we want to make sure to support businesses that aren’t chains and are truly run by locals. Nothing serves the community more by using your purchasing power to sustain the economic impact of covid-19 locally and with people that survive on tourism. 



Costa Rica — A long-time wellness destination for the entire being, the Retreat still maintains its roots amidst the pandemic. Upon online-check in, residents will receive a $100 gift card to the resort’s spa, where daily yoga classes, and pure relaxation is the only thing on the to do list and practiced at a distance.  Each of their 13 rooms, all equally spacious and elegant, are designed to calm the mind and relax the senses.   

Since COVID, The Retreat has made it their mission to maintain and improve the immunity of all their guests.  In addition to regular cleansing, owner Diana Stobo recommends reconnecting with nature to lessen stress levels, which therefore allow for waves of calm to flow through the body—boosting the immune system. 


Mexico —  Find luxury and the best accommodating service where the desert meets the sea at Mexico’s Le Blanc Spa Resort in Los Cabos, an oasis on the Baja Peninsula with endless sunshine, deep tan lines, and unlimited pina coladas. The pinnacle of elegance and precautionary measure, Le Blanc introduced 2 special programs which offer guests peace of mind when both planning and staying at their resort. 

Their flexible booking option allows for visitors the freedom to modify the dates of all existing and new reservations at all properties for and during July, to any alternative date between July 1 and December 15, 2020 – at the same rate and under the same conditions as the original reservation. 

When the time comes to stay at Le Blanc Spa Resort in Los Cabos, is going beyond the stringent quality controls and health measures in place with the implementation of more than 250 preventative actions to assure everyone’s health and safety. This includes a Purely Le Blanc health certification in every room on arrival, guaranteeing its complete disinfection. In other words, its famous immaculate white marble floors will truly be immaculate

These hotel spas and wellness resorts are going above and beyond in taking measures to care for the wellbeing of their guests, and all while keeping it fun and relaxing. 

So don’t be afraid, travel on and be safe! And last but not least, wear a mask. Its about also protecting the staff that is working hard to keep us safe. We must remember where in this together and all need to be treated with equal respect. 


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