The Ultimate Holiday Roadtrip Checklist

We’re no stranger to cross-country adventures at Around the World Beauty. However, despite our veteran road trip experience, on a recent adventure to Vermont, we were reminded how it’s better to be over-prepared when venturing onto the great American highway. For this busy holiday driving season, we’ve partnered up with Chevrolet to bring you our ultimate road trip checklist to ensure you enjoy the journey. So stock up on those trip snacks, and settle in!

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist:

  • Bring a bestie: No trip is ever complete without the ultimate girl squad. To keep the peace, think about the energy and chemistry of the group. Change seats after every pit stop so no one is stuck in back or being the driver or navigator. Be mindful of everyone’s needs, and recognize that any substantial road trip is going to need a little down time.
  • Plan a playlist: Start a public playlist on Spotify, and have everyone add their favorites to it before the trip. Make sure you add some great throwback jams to pull it all together, and make sure the music keeps your driver motivated and alert. You’ll have the whole car jumping and belting out bangers in no time!
  • Grab some snacks: There is no such thing as too many road trip snacks. However, there is such a thing as too much junk food. Make sure you pack plenty of bottled water and seltzer, as well as some apple slices, oranges, and snackable veggies like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and baby carrots. Trust us, you’ll feel a lot better when you reach your destination if your stomach isn’t 100% full of Doritos.
  • Have a spare key: I repeat: HAVE A SPARE KEY! If you’re travelling in a larger carload, have more than one spare key and make sure that people are carrying them on their person, and not in a purse or in the glove compartment. Changing drivers and multiple stops are a recipe for locking the key inside the car or losing it. So, do yourselves a favor and think ahead to bring at least one extra key!
  • Keep a close eye on the weather: There’s nothing worse road trip wise than hitting the road and finding out that bad weather is on its way. Especially with snow, not only does it make driving dangerous but you may not be able to drive at all. So, keep a weather eye (ha, ha) on the forecast, and come up with a plan B in case you need to detour to another location, stay an extra night at a hotel, or delay the trip.
  • Pillow power: A road trip is a great time to bust out all those airplane neck and nap pillows that only get used a couple times a year. In addition to pillows, if you have an extra fleece throw or two, toss that in the car: there’s always one person in the group who’s always cold and will appreciate an extra blanket!
  • Alternate drivers to stay safe: No matter whose car it is, or how much they enjoy driving, don’t let one person do all the driving. It’s only fair to the driver, and to the safety of the passengers, to split up the journey. Ask everyone what amount they’re comfortable driving, whether it’s 3 hours, 45 minutes, or none at all, and divide the driving responsibilities accordingly. If you’re dealing with a fairly long trip, keep everyone safe and stop overnight in a hotel.
  • On-star is a game-changer: Make sure that the car you’re taking is On-Star equipped. Not only can they help with emergencies from the in-car console, cars like the 2019 Chevy Traverse has an On-Start RemoteLink® mobile app that can remotely control key vehicle features right from your mobile device. Make sure you have the RemoteLink® installed and set up before your trip to make you can access On-Star’s amazing services without any delay.
  • Think ahead for last-minute emergencies: Have some ideas for Plan Bs in case something goes awry. Airbnb is incredible for last-minute emergencies, and is also a great tool to research cool activities to do in the area you’re in. If you find yourself needing to book a last minute overnight stay, or need to kill a few hours in an unfamiliar area, check Air BnB for overnight rentals and fun experiences.
  • Pack a portable charger: Definitely pack at least ONE portable charger, but preferably a few, to keep everyone charged up. However, if you’re riding in the 2019 Chevy Traverse, they not only have built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi®, but also USB ports in every row. Basically, the car is your portable charger! No more fighting over plugs or who is charged up to what – -with the new Traverse, you can keep the peace on the road.
  • Be flexible with time: This is possibly the most important tip. Build in more than ample time to get to and from your destination. From bathroom breaks and tourist traps, to wrong turns and flat tires, it’s critical that you add in several buffer hours to your estimated travel time, and to go with the flow. Be open to new adventures and accepting of any misadventures, and we guarantee your stress level will be minimal.

So, while you’re getting ready to pack up the care for the holidays, don’t forget this list to keep your getaway stress-free. Also, as make sure you travel in the amazing new 2019 Chevy Traverse: it’s not the smoothest ride (it’s like driving on a cloud), it has a crazy roomy interior and is tricked out with all the latest technology to keep your ride online and up to speed.



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