Bleach on the Beach: How Brazil Tackles Body Hair

It is said that you can find everything from bikinis and umbrellas to caipirinhas (Brazils national drink) on the beach of Copacabana.

While I was sunbathing on the beach of the Copacabana Palace Hotel,  I noticed countless women with golden leg and arm hair. My friend told me about this so-called beauty notion called the“ golden shower.” I usually associate that term with an R. Kelly song, but here in Brazil, the olive skin of the women was glistening with blonde highlights all over their bodies. Could it be true? Women who don’t shave but bleach their hair instead?

It’s common knowledge that leaving any personal belongings on the sands of Brazilian beaches attracts thieves; even kids will grab your things and run away with all your belongings. It happens to many tourists, but not me.  That is, until I reached Argentina, but that’s a story all on it’s own.

Back to the beach. There was a young lady who approached me to ask if I could watch her things,  and of course I said yes, but I wanted to know about a product she was using. I noticed the golden hairs showing through the crème application she had on her legs.  She called it “Doulor Pelos,”  which translates to English as “gold hair” and it was hair bleach. No way: bleaching while at the beach!!

Its a yellow/gold crème applied to any area of the body you want to bleach while you tan in the sun. It sits on the skin for about half an hour and then you wash it off by jumping in the pool or ocean.

As a Latina with dark arm hair, I loved the contrast of the golden hair against the darkened skin, but could it work on a dark Latina? So, of course I had to try it. See below for my golden hairs.

This product is sold alongside Brazilian bronze crème and found in pharmacies in Brazil. They also sell it on the beach but for double the price, so invest wisely.

It’s great because it’s activated by the sun and you don’t have to worry about shaving.  It does sting a bit but once you start to feel the sizzle – jump in the water, wash it off… and pow! You’ll see your golden highlights glistening in the sun.

Would you dare to try this on the beach? We double dare you 🙂 Make sure to tag us #BeautyTraveler

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Written by Stephanie Flor

Edited by Karen Mowls

Pictures by Stephanie Flor

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  • ATWBeauty
    Posted at 12:05h, 23 September

    Hello. Pelo Menos was the product. We actually found it on the beach at Copacabana. They sell little bottles of it. I tried looking for it at the pharmacy but I had no luck. Hope this helps

  • Mia
    Posted at 08:19h, 07 September

    But whats the name of the product she used? Do you have a brand name? Please answer!! ❤️

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