Behind The Brand: Kio Cosmetics rooted in Caribbean Beauty Rituals

When you think of Costa Rica, you think hanging bridges, rainforest, and beautiful beaches. It’s no surprise that beauty brands are emerging inspired by the jungles, volcanoes, and biodiversity this country has to offer. It’s not only a  destination for everyone that is looking for adventure, or relaxing vacations but also a place of healing, spirituality and endless beauty that highlights the nature of Costa Rica. 

Kio Cosmétics Naturals are made in the Caribe of Costa Rica. They include shampoo, conditioner, bodycare and handmade soaps that are aromatic and filled of natural ingredients from the area that are grown wild or organically. 
For an organic touch throughout your trip, you’ll find Kiö Cosmetics in boutique hotels, and small shops throughout Costa Rica. If you head south from San Jose ( the capital) you’ll discover where this brand gets its Pura Vida vibes and natural healing energy. 

Kio invited us to visit her intimate laboratory in Puerto Viejo De Talamanca . A relaxed part of Costa Rica that gives visitors a distinctively Caribbean atmosphere and a unique cultural experience. We like to say Puerto Viejo is a undiscovered path, with some of the most remote amazing beaches and low key vibes. It was awesome visiting her studio that used a marine container to build her laboratory. Marine containers are considered garbage by shipping firms, thus this is a method to reuse them even if they still have a long functional life. Every part of Kio is all about sustainability. Sustainability is not a practice in Costa Rica; it is a way of life.

We then took a tour of her 500 square meter garden where they grow turmeric, oregano, achiote, lemongrass, paste, and ylang ylang in an organic manner that has been approved by the Association of Organic Farmers Producers (ACAPRO).

How Kiö Launched Amenities?

The chance to compete in the Link Investments Project presented itself in 2009, and it was via this project that KI forayed into the hotel industry. Since then, they have kept researching and developing their goods and procedures to live up to their promise of becoming a business that helps surprise visitors with high-quality amenities and everyday well-being via the use of natural cosmetics. Her top seller is the Luffa Cylindrical. A vegetable from the cucumber family called “paste” (luffa cylindrica) is used as a daily exfoliation in the shower to keep skin free of dead skin cells. For beautiful skin, use the paste (luffa cylindrica) as a regular shower scrub. It contains characteristics that influence blood flow and places where fat builds up. The skin is able to breathe more easily and becomes silkier and velvety as a result.

We fell in love with this female founder that is bringing her passion for wellness and culture to life through her beauty line. She offers amenities and all-natural cosmetics to tourists and locals that are environmental friendly while honoring the beauty rituals of Costa Rica.

Let’s go #BeautyExploring behind the scenes at her beauty lab in Limon, Puerto Viejo.



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