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Costa Rica is one of the most vibrant, eco-friendly, and open minded cultures there is around the world. It’s surrounded by rainforests and natural experiences like visits to the Arenal Volcano, with hanging bridges, giant waterfall and thermal mineral pools.

On our last journey we found a place to call home at  The Retreat Costa Rica  located on a crystal-quartz mountain for a world-class nature inspired, holistic healing oasis immersed in the natural beauty of Costa Rica. 

They offer transportation from and to the San Jose Airport, and check-in was unlike any other. We were remotely disconnected from technology and invited to simply breathe and be taken care off. When looking for a hotel in Costa Rica I wanted a place that was owned by someone making a difference in the community (being that fact that I am Costa Rican!), and that honors its natural beauty for a taste of excellence with traditional roots. 

Soaking up the luxury of relaxation, The Retreat Costa Rica offers spectacular views of the Nicoya Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean. Each of my senses were heightened as I woke up to a turquoise view of my room floating among the clouds as the sun rose in the east.

With daily yoga classes, pure zen is the only thing on the to do list. Diana Stobo, The Retreat Costa Rica founder, is a wellness expert and author of fifteen books. Her gypsy vibes and focus on inner beauty is reflected throughout the entire resort, with buddhas, crystals and inspirational mantras in every space. The colors on the walls honor Latin american culture: vibrant and extricating to the eyes. The space makes you feel alive, and excited for all that’s to come. Not only that… but you can even take a picture with the on-site peacock! 

I discovered that the women retreating alongside me were also part of my journey of retuning the senses and find a deeper connection of self, whether that be resetting from their everyday lives, healing from divorces, or enjoying paradise as a girlfriend getaway. 

Amongst numerous activities on the wellness agenda, some of which include fruit drinks, daily AM and PM yoga classes and nature hikes on the hill (not to mention excursions to Costa Rica’s hottest destinations like its active volcanos!), guests learn from the incredible staff how they make farm to table meals, as well as beauty activities using all of nature’s wild ingredients as sources of inspiration and nutrients. 

Their Vida Mia spa has much to offer with stunning views from every angle. 

Overlooking the deep valley and mountain region that extends to the Pacific Ocean, Nicoya Gulf, and Peninsula, I had the honor of spending one-on-one time with Dr. Vinod Balakrishnan— a holistic medicine professional and on-site spa director with more than 22 years of experience in healthcare and hospitality.  

Hearing his stories and the deep passion for wellness made the trip an experience I would never forget.  As someone who has traveled to India to learn first hand about Ayurveda,  it was incredible to find that authenticity in Costa Rica. 

Dr. Balakrishnan explained the entire services part of their Farm to Spa menu, some of which include signature detox programs for weightloss and organic, delicious edible therapies designed with the philosophy that all food is medicine. This is an exclusive experience that will nurture, relax, detox, enhance your beauty and incorporate natural healing into your life. 

With a focus on Ayurveda, Vida Mia Healing Center & Spa offers ancient medical practices to support the fullest potential of each individual they welcome as their guest. This spa isn’t just a place to get a massage.  It’s a detox from the inside-out that reboots the system and allows the mind, body and soul to realignment and thrive. 

For those searching for a paradise I believe this is as close as it comes. Luxury mixed in with humbleness. Gratitude with esthetics and light. 

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The Retreat Casita Double

The Retreat Junior Suite 

The Retreat Sunset View from Restuarant 

The Retreat Room Terrace with Incredible Views

Images Courtesy: The Retreat in Costa Rica

Written by: Stephanie Flor

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