Fire Ceremony ( Fuego Sagrado) Beauty Ritual in Guatemala with Tz’ules Sunun

Of all the beauty rituals I’ve been part of, there is one that I found truly special since it focuses on a holistic perception of beauty. This perspective considers all aspects of your being in order to radiate true beauty from within and become a better version of yourself.

The fire ceremony is an ancient ritual practiced in Guatemala that uses the Mayan spirituality to ask for help from divinity, ancestors, and the spiritual forces of nature. Although the exact origin of this ceremony remains unknown, it is a cultural treasure that has been passed on from generation to generation.

The ceremony celebrates the existence of twenty Nahuales, which are Mayan spirits assigned to each person based on their unique calendar. During the ritual, offerings and prayers are made for each Nahual, as each of them has a different purpose and represents a different type of healing.

In the Mayan cosmovision, the sacred fire creates an energy portal that allows us to get ancient wisdom on how to live in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings. Once the sacred fire starts burning, so its healing powers in the body, mind, and soul for everyone who is seeking to grow and overcome problems. Sounds like a great experience, right? Let me walk you through this magical ceremony.

A brief description of the ceremony

It all begins in the middle of the forest, where a Temazcalera (flok healer or shaman) our leader is Tz’ules Sunun creates an offering using candles, aromatic herbs, and flowers. We sat around the offering and Tz’ules Sunun started a small fire that consumed it. Then, we asked permission from the guardian tree and the spirits of the forest to establish contact with them.

The fire coming from the offerings becomes a portal that allows communication with ancestors and other spiritual forces. During the ceremony, healing requests were made and immense gratitude was expressed.  The fire, the scents, and the spirituality that surrounded us created a sacred atmosphere of calm and positive energy that is difficult to express in words.

Redefining Beauty

Beauty is all a matter of perspective. However, I believe it should be focused on what makes a person their most authentic selves. The fire ceremony works as an introspective journey where the main purpose is to expand our state of self-awareness.

While the fire was burning, we asked our spiritual guides and ancestors to help us appreciate what we have in life and to live with compassion, humility, patience, optimism, calmness, self-confidence, and empathy. Moreover, we asked to avoid negative thoughts and judgments, and promised to give ourselves the opportunity to let go of everything we don’t want in our lives and enjoy the here and now!

At the end of the ceremony, I found myself filled with positive energy and appreciation for all the wonderful things I experienced during this journey. The fire ceremony is without a doubt an experience that challenges you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, but it gives you a way to find and connect with your inner beauty. So I encourage you all to take advantage of the Mayan wisdom to become the best version of yourselves.


Special Thank you to Heart of Travel for making this experience possible.

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Images by Will Da’Costa

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