Scent Journey with The Body Shop

The intrigue, attraction and alchemy of scent goes back centuries, yet remains strong today. 

 Around the world incense and scents such as oud, musk, copal populate the scented history of global beauty cultures.

A fragrance is like a signature, so that even after a woman leaves the room, her fragrance should reveal she’s been there.” – Oscar de la Renta

It is fragrance that adds to your story of life, it is part of the art of being a woman.

Reminiscing of my time in France, quickly the city of love became the city of fragrance for me, as I met shop owners who shared their passion for perfume, the breakdown of notes, and the long history of perfume. My first local Persian perfumer rendezvous was with Sopfie Irles who led fragrance walks in Paris. We embarked on a scent journey through Paris, which brought us to different perfumeries to find exclusive and bespoke fragrances while sharing the history of these scent makers and trends. She shared with me history and anecdotes about the perfume capital of the world with a scent-making history dating back to the 18th century in the South of France.

I would never see fragrance the same, it had its own art, its own story to tell. 

Scents are marked in history as a symbol of class unlike my 13 year old era of Britney Spears Circus or Dolce and Gabbana Blue Waters celebrity fragrance choices, as I learned about the art of fragrance through my travels I learned scent and perfume was a culture, an art form in and of itself.

The more I learned the more fascinated I was by the global history of perfume. In South America scent was a way to connect to the spirit realm, connecting the inner to the outer worlds, bringing you back into a memory, reminding you of that special moment, someone, and place. Smell is said to be the most intimate of our five senses, one that works on the subconscious level. It has power, and it becomes a signature of your mystique and character. A mixture of notes that work as mood boosters that also retunes your senses. The right aromas transport you to a romantic night in Paris with musk and amber or a ritual ceremony at the Ganges with a heady Sandalwood. One of the oldest uses of perfume comes from the burning of incense and aromatic herbs for religious services but also for seduction as well as ritual bath water. 

Your scent is the first thing people notice about you, before even knowing who you are. They could instantly get a read on your personality based on your scent. That is why fragrance is an essential part to lifestyle, embraced to share a unique quality that tells a story without words. A scent can journey someone to a memory, a place, and bring forward thoughts of a personal experience both good and bad. 

Global Beauty Tips to  elevate your fragrance experience:

Apply the fragrance to a scarf, and or clothing piece allows the smell to last longer, and allows your scent to linger beyond when you’re around. A sure way to leave a mark.  

Fragrance is made of three main notes. The first one lasts the shortest amount of time and the bottom fragrance lasts the longest. Tip: Allow the fragrance to sink into your skin for at least an hour to get its truest version for you. 

That is why it’s important to choose wisely when choosing a fragrance according to the occasion, time, and place. It can leave a lasting impression. Follow your nose and experiment with this new language, its one getting lost in. 

For this story I went on a scent journey with @theBodySop and their famous White Musk. I created my own signature scent; creating my own personalized experiece by adding their different toppers. They have an incredible White Musk® range to honor any element your in. From  White Musk® Lover that is spicy notes for addictive sensuality or White Musk® Radical with green notes and a natural feel or White Musk® Free that is all about cooling down ad mineral note. As you can tell with the names each topper is meant to awaken sensuality and empower confidence. A unique way to experience the original White Musk® iconic fragrance with leaving you empowered to express yourself. 

What I also loved about this new collection besides those amazing names was that they come in a Recyclable bottle and cap while also being Vegan. Now that’s what I call Beauty for Good. Did you know The Body Shop has committed to being 100% vegan certified by 2023)


How to use

  1. Spray your base. Iconic Sensual White Musk
  2. Layer on top of your original White Musk® fragrance.
  3. 1 spritz, 2 spritz, the whole bottle… combine your way to create your unique Musk signature.

Sometimes, the beauty of a fragrance is more about how it makes you feel. Empowered, uplifted, maybe even nostalgic. The Body Shop

Follow your nose. 

The Body Shop created this amazing go-to guide on finding your perfect scent. Remember scent is part of your story, make it mean something powerful and making a difference. Leave below your favorite scent memory? Or favorite perfume.

Wondering my favorite? White Musk and Lover of course. I’m all about florals, this one has a sensual symphony of spicy pink pepper, powdery orris and woody ambrette. Plus I’m also manifesting a beautiful lover in my life, but that’s for another post. 



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