Beauty Journey: Paris, France

Paris is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A simple walk around any street leaves the mind at ease and dreaming of what it would be like to call this place home. I also had this moment of what if… when I first arrived in Paris when I was 19. I wondered how life was here, and how beautiful it would be to open the windows in the early morning with the views of the Eiffel tower, and the architecture that makes France a living work of art.

Little did I know I would be back 10 years later on a different mission but a journey to beauty. Some of my days would consist of just getting lost in the charming neighborhoods looking for little shops with a big story to tell. To my surprise, everything has a story here and if your willing let go of time you’ll be surprised just on what you’ll find.

Here is our Signature #BeautyExploring Journey: A list of must places to see and activities to do in Paris, France if you’re a lover of beauty, and travel.

Happy Rendezvous….

Walking Parfum Tour with Airbnb Experiences. Rendezvous Parfum

One of my highlights was meeting the beautiful ( and French ) Perfume Expert Sophie. Passionate about perfumes and history this fragrance expert “educates” your sense of smell, and helps identify your own tastes, through some key technical elements of creation. You will smell perfumes of course, but also raw materials that make up the perfumes. In Paris, there are perfume shops on every street corner. She has
worked in the industry for several years, including perfumers, creating perfumes for brands such as Burberry, Carven or Lancel.

She takes you to her favorite shops, whose well-tempered world, the olfactory requirement, and the warm welcome make all the difference.  She immerses you in perfume and its history and also offers cool events along fragrance + the arts worth checking out. A #BeautyTraveler Must 

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AIRBNB Experiences: Parfum + History 

Officine Universelle BULY

Special thank you to fellow #BeautyTraveler @Julie.Off.Duty for introducing me to this place. Armed with its founder’s spirit of conquest and innovation, l’Officine universelle Buly creates new skin care concoctions, drawing on the most innovative cosmetic techniques and on the virtues of natural ingredients. This place feels like you’ve gone back at least 100 years in time and discovering ancient old beauty recipes. Dreamt up in Paris and formulated in a French laboratory, nurtured by the progress of contemporary cosmetics but faithful to the old recipes, they contain neither Parabens, nor phenoxyethanol, nor silicone. Nothing they sell includes glycerin and alcohol. You’ll find raw materials like clay, oils, powders and other century-old beauty products that are part of the world’s history. I could spend hours here just watching the attention to detail in every purchase, and demonstration. They sell an incredible book called An Atlas of Natural Beauty which they even sign in Calligraphy for you.

Check them out.

6 rue Bonaparte
Paris, France 75006

Marie Antionette Perfumery

I stumbled upon this hidden gem on a random Sunday when I got lost looking for a tour I had signed up for. Walking into this red door, led me to a storytelling adventure with the owner Antonio de Figueiredo. He shared with me the story of his shop dedicated to perfumes and scents of exception. Opened in 2008, in the heart of the Marais in Paris,  he named it  “Marie Antoinette”, in tribute to his grandmother who created her own fragrances, Antonio reconnects with his roots and those of the beautiful French perfumery. Really it has three lives within the name said the owner.  It has Marie which was his grandmother, Antoio ( Antionette) which is his name, and of course the famous Marie Antoinette. How magical is that ?

Antonio wants above all, for his customers to find all the calm and the attention necessary to confide and thus to discover with him smells, even … “his” perfume! This adorable shop is full of the historical context of the fragrance world and offers classic to modern scents. I fell in love with this little shop.

Stop in for a visit:

Place du marché sainte Catherine Paris, France 75004

CityPharma ParaPharmacie

This beauty haven is a must stop in any beauty lovers journey. You will find all of the Frenchs beauty must under one roof. It does get a little jam-packed but I feel its really part of the experience. It’s like Christmas every day. You’ll find dozens of shelves stocked with face creams, oils, shampoos, and why is it such a craze to shop? Well, the French are known for high-quality ingredients, and ban many cosmetics products that don’t meet their standards. So you’re finding the best at a great price. Makeup artist flock during fashion week to stock up on their kit essentials. Things that are a must to purchase are Marvin Toothpaste, Ebbroylesse Moisturizer, Evian and Aveeno Face Spray, Eye Drops, Breath Sprays, Nuxe Oils, and where does the list stop. Click here for an interview with Mari Shten NYC Makeup Artist who took us #BeautyExploring in City Pharma. She truly lets you know what is a must!

Stop by for a visit next time your in Paris. You’ll really understand the French Beauty Craze!

26 Rue du Four, 75006 Paris

Printemps Haussmann

From the Scent Room on the 2nd Floor to the #BeautySta that has every product imagined. This building is filled with beauty inspiration. Has almost every global brand like Urban Decay, YSL, NARS and other favorites.  What really captured my heart was the downstairs that offered brands like Rituals, Kiehls, and a manicure and pedicure beauty bar that has the best brand decor ever. From nail designs to regular polish change being in this beautiful haven takes a lot of discipline to not purchase every unique item sold. I’ve really never seen anything like this, a whole building dedicated to just beauty. You can also stop in the Detox Cafe that has juices, and other inner beauty recipes for the girl on the go.

Printemps Haussmann

64 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France

Glow on the GO!
Rose Lattes, inner beauty shakes… this beauty cafe specializes in Bar à lattés, and Rituels de beauté. What does that mean? Basically, its a dream place for anyone who has a gypsy soul. It has an indie shop of beauty brands with beauty and fashion magazines, and classic art books to read as you sip one of their signature blends. Many of the brands sold are popular in the states and it was the first time I had seen some of these small indie brands abroad. Yahoo for the indie brands crossing over to France. I could spend every day in this little cafe catering to self-care and wellness. I really found that the new generation of French is also looking within.   As a makeup artist I felt really inspired by the vibe, and it was a cross of chic and boho all at the same time. I wouldn’t expect anything less of this french beaute cafe. The owner also has a quirky yoga studio that offers workshops, and an art space for creatives. If I was to move to Paris I already know I would call this a home.
25 Rue de Turenne
Paris, France

Moulin Rouge 
Moulin Rouge has always been a staple of beauty inspiration in my life ( Hello: X-Tina and Cher with @kristoferbuckle ) but after attending a night of Glitz and Glam for a dinner show I walked away knowing that this iconic cabaret was where it all began for women breaking rules.
Did you know ??
An impressive 600,000 people visit the Moulin Rouge every year. The cabaret has gone down in history; the Guinness Book of Records states that Moulin Rouge dancers were able to lift their legs 29 times in the space of 30 seconds during the cabaret’s 125 year anniversary celebration! And then to top it off, a Féérie solo dancer lifted his leg above his head 30 times in 30 seconds! PLUS: It holds a record for the most popped champagne in the world.  I had always heard about the famous Moulin Rouge and just walking through its doors felt surreal. It recreated the idea of what Paris used to be, the red velvet from floor to ceiling, classical music and entertainment. I could see why this era was one of the best, and to take a little of it home has forever influenced my way of seeing beauty, and glamour.
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82 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris

photo : Sandie Bertrand, Moulin Rouge

Graine De Pastel
A little off the path in La Marais you’ll discover a natural beauty product shop, that is inspired by the legendary plant: Pastel. I had no idea about this beauty ingredient but I was told this Rare and precious, pastel virgin oil contains more than 40% of fatty acids essential. It is distinguished by a unique combination of omega 3, 6 and 9, which provides triple action for moisture and anti-aging.

The pastel culture focused on the foothills of Lauragais, where the plant blooms then goes to seed. These seeds protected by their pod are harvested and pressed cold in an oil mill to extract a rare and precious commodity: the pastel virgin oil.

Their muse is the La Bella Paule. Born in 1518 in Toulouse, in a family of rich pastel merchants, her blondness and the purity of her features made her very desirable and beautiful.
She was chosen in 1533 to hand over the keys of Toulouse to François 1er. Seized by her beauty, the King of France nicknamed “The Beautiful Paule”. In the Toulouse imagination, Paule de Viguier embodies perfection.  Her beauty secret? Pastel Oil.

Stop in for a smell.
18 Rue Pavée, 75004 Paris
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