Beauty Destinations to visit in France

Imagine walking down a beautiful cobblestone path, the sun setting, leaving the sky filled with gorgeous shades of purples, pinks and oranges.  As it gets darker you find yourself in clear view of the glittering lights that twinkle and play on the Eiffel Tower. 

France is filled with romance and breathtaking views, but it is also a place of fashion and beauty.  Come with me as we explore some of the must see beauty destinations, delicious eats and entertainment offered throughout France.  

While visiting the City of Lights, you’ll more than likely visit the Eiffel Tower and eat some of their tasty treats.  But, while in Paris, you should take a stroll down the Avenue Montaigne and visit the Dior Institute at Plaza Athenee. The hotel itself is gorgeous and right in the heart of the fashion district.  Offering a variety of luxurious spa treatments, The Dior Institute puts a focus on “pure beauty” and features many Dior products. You can choose a relaxing massage, a facial customized to your needs and concerns and even have your makeup done if you’re planning a nice dinner out.  And for all our men out there, they have specialty treatments just for you! After your pampering session, why not check out the hotels beautiful restaurant, Alain Ducasse. A gorgeous chandelier sparkling with crystals hangs from the ceiling as you enjoy fine dining. But make sure to book reservations ahead of time because I hear they fill up fast.    

Now, if you are into that vintage vibe, you’ll want to stop by the Officine Universelle Buly, aka Buly 1803.  From it’s unique design to the personalized labels for your bottles, you are sure to be amazed by this cosmetics boutique.  Created by Jean-Vincent Buly in 1803, this apothecary uses naturally sourced ingredients. They have their own line of body oils, soaps, candles and perfumes that you can take home with you, but you can also create your own beauty products.  You’ll have an array of oils to choose from, dried ingredients like roses, as well as different types of clays to create your own masks and exfoliators. And that’s not all! After you’ve created your goodies, you can go to their in-house calligrapher and have a label personalized for your creation.  This is definitely a must-see for all you beauty lovers out there while in Paris.  


As you know, France is known for its exquisite perfumes.  You can purchase a beautiful scent that draws your attention at a little boutique or you can create your own scent.  That’s right! You can create your very own unique blend when you visit The Alchemist Atelier and take part in their custom perfume experience.  There are 3 different ways to create your scent at the Alchemist. One is to visit their scent bar and create something delicious for you pretty quick.  There is no reservation needed for this, however, for the next two options, you will want to call ahead. To really amplify your experience, you can sign up for a discovery workshop where you and a group will be guided through a perfume creation experience.  You’ll learn the basic fundamentals of fragrance, get to explore the scent library and even take home your very own custom blend. You can take that experience to a whole new level by signing up for the Private Alchemist Workshop where you get a more in-depth consultation with a guided tour as well as your own custom creation.  I’m telling you, you do not want to miss out on this experience.  


Our next location is a spot for the senses and is part of the lovely French Riviera.  Located in the hills just north of Cannes is the beautiful community of Grasse. Known as the Perfume Capitol of the World, Grasse is home to many of the famous perfume factories such as Fragonard.  Most of the factories offer free tours of their sites and have museums you can visit. If you’re visiting in the beginning of August, you can catch the Jasmine Festival where they celebrate the fragrant flower itself.  Garland of Jasmine adorn the buildings, fireworks light up the sky while music, floats and dancing bring joy to everyone around. This is definitely a festival of the senses and you are sure to have an awesome time. Before leaving Grasse, make sure to pick up a bottle of your favorite perfume as a souvenir from your visit here.   


Whether you’re visiting the Louvre, climbing the stairs of the Eiffel Tower or taking a stroll through Champs Elysees, you’ll want to take in afternoon tea at Laduree.  Here you can enjoy a soothing cup of tea while you snack on some of Paris’ most delicious treats! If you love Macarons, you will love this spot. They have a huge array of flavors; from classics like vanilla to their special seasonal flavors.  You can go in and have a seat to enjoy your tea and company or if you want to continue your stroll, you can visit their pastry shop to purchase a delicious pastry, like the chausson aux pommes…YUM!


While in Paris, you’ll want to visit Très Particulier hidden behind the Hotel Particulier Montmarte.  After buzzing the intercom, you’ll find yourself walking through a garden trying to find your way to the hidden spot.  Très Particulier starts out as a tea room by day, and after 6pm it turns into an awesome bar that will enlighten your senses!  The decor is more of a tropical feel, with a little vintage elegance. Their cocktails include natural, fresh and seasonal ingredients while the names of their drinks are inspired by films and icons.  If you finish early, you can end your evening with a show at the most famous cabaret in the world! Just a 10 minute walk from the hotel, you’ll see the famous lit up windmill and lights of the Moulin Rouge, which welcomes everyone in for a night of fun. The bold colors, the wild dancing and the lively music creates such a magical experience; it’s the perfect way to end your evening in Paris!


Beauty surrounds all of France; through their architecture, their foods, and their art.  Take in as much as you can and explore as much as time allows.  Visit the Louvre, see Mona Lisa, and I highly recommend you check out the Atelier des Lumieres where they bring art to life! No matter what you do, take in all the beauty that surrounds you.  You are, after all, in the City of Love.  

Au Revoir my friends!


Written by: Lisette Michelle Beauty

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