The Beauty of Versailles, France.

After watching Marie Antoinette the Sofia Cappola Version I always knew the palace she called home was a place I had to visit and explore deeper.  I decided to opt out of a tour and just explore on my own on a random Friday.
Take the RER C train to Versailles. You can opt for a guided tour from Paris but you’ll really get to explore at your pace the gardens and the palace if you just jump on the RER C.
Suggestion: Buy a ticket at the green machine that says Versailles. Its a FULL day trip Round-Trip.
Once you arrive – walk out of the train station, peak the Mcd’s across the street and walk right until you hit the main square.
Once at the main square make a left and follow the rest of the Tourists heading straight to the Louis XV Statue that is at the entrance of the most magical view I have ever seen.
Impressive, eye-catching, rich in french history this Palace was one to Louis XVI and one of the most fashionable and extroverted queens of all time. Marie Antoinette was convicted for high treason and executed on the Place de la Revolution in Paris. A landmark, in french history plus a place of high importance due to this act in the 1792. The palace itself is full of gold plated entrances, extravagant art work and reminders of the love for art in french culture. Exploring the palace was a full day of walking but also seeing the different color sequences throughout the palace and the views of the gardens a true passion project for Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.
Worth a day trip to see how the fabolous have lived for centuries and also a reminder of why France has always held a high bar to the arts and fashion. Its no surprise the beauty of Versailles is one of a kind, and much inspiration of renaissance art and life come from its long history.

The gold plated doors are something out of this world-perfect for a selfie, in true admiration

Taking in the Beauty of these incredible Gardens and Palace

The Hall of Mirrors + #BeautyExploring 

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  • Rachel
    Posted at 00:28h, 12 April

    Okay tickets being bought! What a stunning place to experience! Truly most beautiful!

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