Beauty Journey: NOMAD X Firenze

The Renaissance city known as Florence and/or Firenze is filled with famous art, architecture, and history as I had never seen before. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982 and ranked by Forbes as one of the most beautiful cities in the world its no surprise artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Filippo Brunelleschi called this place home and still reside their famous masterpieces in its streets. Sights like Ponte Vecchio and Florence Cathedral, aka the Duomo are breathtaking and understanding and appreciating the background, is essential when traveling to this art city.  From visiting the San Lorenzo district, famous for its colorful markets and artists’ studios to walking to Academy Gallery to see Michelangelo’s famous statue of David, Florence stole my heart but even more inspired me with the colors, art, and the creativity that drives an artist to find true inspiration. It’s no wonder Nomad Cosmetics created a cosmetic palette dedicated to the beauty of Firenze. I had the pleasure of wearing their signature look as I traveled through Florence #BeautyExploring.


When traveling to Florence it’s important to know that the life philosophy of the Florentines, is about presentation: how one looks, carries oneself, makes the best possible impression. La Bella Figura means patience for the enjoyment of life. This is why when creating my go-to look as I #BeautyExplored was to tap into the classic beauty that Nomad Cosmetics recreated with their palette called “LA BELLA FIGURA”. Iconic red lips, rich bronze shadows and wing tired eyeliner are all a part of painting this glamorous beauty look made famous and defined by the Italian fire-cracker Sophia Loren. Her staple red lips that commanded attention with strong and defined brows to frame the face, wing-tipped eyeliner for a subtle cat eye and a touch of bronzer to give the sense of time spent under the Tuscan sun. This look is sexy yet perfect for the backdrop of the famous artworks of the world.

TOP THINGS TO DO #BeautyExplore Sponsored by Nomad Cosmetics
  • Visit the Michelangelo Esplanade (Piazzale Michelangelo) Breathtaking views at sunset! I spent a few hours just staring into the city staring at the red roofs, and bridges that reflected a liquid gold orange as the sun went down against the backdrop of Florence. You can ride your bike or take the bus (13) all the way up the mountain and then walk your way down to the main square. We met some tourists enjoying a bubble show with a local. Finding a bus office is a little tricky but its found in the Stazione S.Marie Novella inside the resting area to the right. Its only two windows so keep an eye out. We were re-directed a few times the wrong way. The bus stop is right at the station and a fun place to people watch.


  • Leather Shopping. Nomad Cosmetics created their eyeshadow Pelleteria Florentina inspired by the “it pieces” created by the master artisans of the renowned Florentine Leather workshops. You’ll find open-air markets like San Lorenzo Market selling hand-bags and other leather goods. Make sure to check the tag but you can also prove it’s real leather by lighting a flame to the fabric. If its real it won’t burn. Traveler Tip: Opened Tuesday to Saturday. Also if you speak any other language besides English now is the time to use it. Americans and Europeans from striving countries will be charged more. A seller even admitted to us if we were American it would be 3x the price. We stayed quiet and spoke Spanish lol. No hard feelings but you’ll get a better deal if you don’t say your American. They think we’re rich lol


  • #BeautyExplore Walk down the down Via del Corso from Piazza de la Repubblica. You’ll be surrounded by local artisans and all kinds of stores from high-end to boutiques were you’ll find local beauty stores that sell local Tuscany Soap, Profumeria Artistica, Le Maison du savon de Marseille, Lilla Lilla, Natura Verde, and Fragranza D’Ambiente. Get ready to be immersed in the fragrance aroma in the air.


  • Take a Day Trip to Tuscany We took a bus tour we don’t suggest so I would highly say look at reviews and make sure your wine stop is a legit wine experience. Our tour bus guide was great but the stops just weren’t what we expected. If we could do it all over again we would visit Pisa ( grab your photo at the leaning tower) and head to Sam Gimignano. This small town is super cute and has so many great buys for soaps, olive oil and more. We regret not buying our souvenirs here. A local Tuscan lunch is always a plus but I would’ve loved to explore more of the wineries and spent more time in the country. We stopped in Siena which was great but very expensive for shops and not much soul. Not the Tuscany we imagined. ALSO please watch Under the Tuscan Sun before arriving. It adds just so much more magic to the experience.


  • The Birth of Venice Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, one of the most widely recognized and most mysterious works of the Renaissance. You’ll want to visit The Uffizi. It’s where the Birth of Venus hangs and Primavera another one of his most famous work.


La Grotta Del Leo

Suggested by our Free Walking tour guide we came twice to eat at this hidden gem right near the train station. Locals suggested to try the Florentine Steak and we highly recommend this dish if you enjoy meat. Not only that its perfect for two, but it truly made our trip to Florence a memory never to forget. We kept yelling at tourists looking at the Menu ” You have to come in, Its delicious” Even just thinking about it is making my mouth water. NOT TO MISS.

Traveler Tip: Eat at classic trattorias rather than restaurants. You’ll get more of a home-cooked family style meal with lower prices.

There are so many things to do in Florence and just randomly walking around and willing to get lost will lead to your greatest adventure. The founder of Nomad Cosmetics shared with me that there’s a theory that when visiting Florence you become under a spell after a few days. Many people actually find it hard to leave. Its not suprise this city has been home to the famous artisans and muses of all lifetime. Happy Travels and Beauty Vibes xo Stephanie



(The Beauty of the Architecture and Renaissance Art.)

( A street artisan at work outside the Duomo, Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore.)

(The beauty of color in life, and artisans along the streets in Firenze.)

(Inspired by the modern renaissance women for whom everything is possible or in this case David. )

(Tapping into my inner bellissima wearing the Florence Collection by Nomad Cosmetics)

(Taking in the views with Nomad Cosmetics Classic Red Shade in Sophia Lorens famous city)



Special Thank You to Nomad Cosmetics for sponsoring this Beauty Journey in collaboration with their “Firenze” beauty destination palette. To shop for your All-In-One-Makeup Palette Click Here!

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  • Kimberly
    Posted at 23:34h, 25 March

    Love the Nomad cosmetics red lipstick!

  • Lisette Miranda
    Posted at 18:03h, 13 November

    Steph you have made me miss Florence so much. It is one of my favorite Italian cities. There is nothing like a ponytail, red lip and eyeliner to make you feel bella-chic. Im excited that Nomad cosmetics captured the Firenze spirit!! Grazie x

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