Tiger Balm

During my Around The World Beauty Chinatown video I talked about Tiger Balm.

I got introduced to this in Thailand at the floating market. Tiger Balm is made from a number of different medicinal plants including; clove bud oil, camphor, cajuput oil, and menthol . It’s a beauty must-have in most of Asia.

It helps treat:

  • headaches
  • muscular paints
  • mosquito bites
  • cough
  • stomach pains
  • nasal congestion

This balm was first created in Burma by a Chinese Herbalist in the 1870’s. Back in the day it was made with actual tiger bone. How dope is that? Tiger bone was considered a famous Chinese ingredient dating back 1,500 years. It’s sold in over 100 countries and in the 1930’s the Aw family released it in Honk Kong and Singapore. 

I use it mostly when I’m experiencing body aches. The Tiger Balm is literally a Chinese version of the Latino cure-all, Vicks Vapor — but all natural!




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